The World of Runestones (Eng)

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Step into the magical world of runestones with this colouring book.
It contains 24 illustrations all ready for you to fill with colour.
The illustrations are based upon real runestones that can be found in and outside Scandinavia.
Let fantasy and creativity lead the way on your path back in time with this colouring book in your hand.

The World of Runestones is a wonderful coloring book with 28 pages and 24 illustrations in 150-gram paper to get the highest quality and to make sure colors do not bleed through. The cover is printed on 300-gram paper, which makes the book stable and luxurious.
The illustrations are based on real rune stones and the design of the coloring book is Scandinavian minimalistic style but at the same time invites the curiosity that exists in the Old Norse design language - in other words, the coloring book is a reflection of past and present in perfect balance. The only thing missing is color, something you can help with!

ISBN: 978-91-987221-1-6